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Going into my freshman year at Elk River, I never thought that I would leave as a four year member of Elk Speech--but I am SO glad I did. Through speech I not only learned how to speak eloquently and with passion, but to use my voice in our polarized society. Being a part of the Elk Speech team gave me writing and analytical skills I never would have if I didn't join, and taught me how to take and give constructive criticism. I found a love and excitement for rhetoric, which helped me decide what classes to take in college! I found the BEST group of people to spend four years and travel with, all while learning the power of my words and what ten minutes can really do. I found my passion and reason for being, I learned how much words can impact the world and gained the skills to do so. I was taught how to be humble in winning but also learned grace in defeat. But most of all, I learned that Words matter. Voices matter. Every single one. :'-)

-Tia Lerud, ERHS Class of '18

Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN

(Great Speeches, Original Oratory, and POI)

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